Gene Simmons Apology; Nikki Sixx Drops Knowledge on Depression

Gene Simmons Apology; Nikki Sixx Drops Knowledge on Depression



As with any celeb debacle, KISS bassist Gene Simmons did the right thing and apologized for his insensitive remarks about depression, suicide and those who suffer from suicidal thoughts.

“Depression is very serious and very sad when it happens to anyone, especially loved ones.
I have not commented on various allegations made in the media, but I want to make this statement for the record and to…

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Michael Brown, Race and the Reality of White Privilege in America

Michael Brown, Race and the Reality of White Privilege in America


For more than a week, news stations (except Fox) and social media have been streaming, posting and reporting on the killing of unarmed, black, 18-year-old, Ferguson MO resident, Michael Brown, and its aftermath.

how is ferguson coverage all over everywhere and foxnews is showing a rerun of an interview? what is happening?

— steven yeun (@steveyeun) August 18, 2014

At the time of this writing,…

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Motion Device is Next Kid Rocking Sensation

Motion Device is Next Kid Rocking Sensation

Motion Device is a heavy metal outfit made up of 12 – 20-year-olds who can really rock.

The bands Facebook page says, “Sara [12], along with her 14 year old brother David, 16 year old sister Andrea, 20 year old cousin Josh and 20 year old family friend Alex make up one of the most unique rock bands on the planet” (exclamation points redacted) and I have to say I agree with them.

Check out the…

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Movie Review: Miss Representation

Movie Review: Miss Representation


If you have yet to see the documentary Miss Representation (2011), run to your nearest Netflix and watch it right now.

I’ve been meaning to watch it forever and now that I have I can’t believe it took me so long to see it.

The Jennifer Siebel Newsom film tracks the amount of time teens spend on the internet, watching TV and doing other things, finding that 10 or more hours are spent online each…

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Robin Williams, Rest in Peace

Robin Williams, Rest in Peace



Comedic legend Robin Williams committed suicide on Monday, after many years of personal struggle.

First, the obvious. It’s shocking to see someone who laughed so much be so upset and feel so hopeless, to the point that they would feel the need to commit suicide. It’s also easy to pass judgement on said person when looking in from the outside.

Since his death, just about everyone has passed…

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Instagranniepants Objectifies the Men on Tinder, and It’s Awesome
Credit: Anna Gensler

Credit: Anna Gensler

Ever gone on Tinder? It’s probably similar to most other online dating sites. A few people go on to actually meet singles in their area that they get along well with who are also looking for a serious relationship, while others go on just to get laid, and do it in the most creepy and objectifying way possible.

This is where artist Anna Genslercomes in. She gives full…

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A black teenager could have a 200 IQ and find the cure for cancer and white people will still say affirmative action is the reason why they got into college

A white kid could have a 200 IQ and discover the cure for cancer and people will say his alumni daddy is the reason he got into college.

A white person will see a post having nothing to do with them and still find a way to include themselves


I’m catholic and I’m pro choice. I believe that it is a woman’s right to CHOOSE if she wants to keep a baby. It’s not my body, it’s not my business. Would I personally have an abortion? That doesn’t matter. Cause it’s not your business. The Catholic Church doesn’t decide what clothes I wear, how I do my makeup, or what I eat. They don’t decide if I keep a baby. End of story.


If a pregnant woman announced that she also had fingernails, would you start caring about her rights, too?

Huffington Post Shows Their LGBT Support with Rainbow Logovia Twitter
This is just a mini-post to say kudos to the Huffington Post for showing their support…View Post

Huffington Post Shows Their LGBT Support with Rainbow Logo

via Twitter

This is just a mini-post to say kudos to the Huffington Post for showing their support…

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