A black teenager could have a 200 IQ and find the cure for cancer and white people will still say affirmative action is the reason why they got into college

A white kid could have a 200 IQ and discover the cure for cancer and people will say his alumni daddy is the reason he got into college.

A white person will see a post having nothing to do with them and still find a way to include themselves


I’m catholic and I’m pro choice. I believe that it is a woman’s right to CHOOSE if she wants to keep a baby. It’s not my body, it’s not my business. Would I personally have an abortion? That doesn’t matter. Cause it’s not your business. The Catholic Church doesn’t decide what clothes I wear, how I do my makeup, or what I eat. They don’t decide if I keep a baby. End of story.


If a pregnant woman announced that she also had fingernails, would you start caring about her rights, too?

Huffington Post Shows Their LGBT Support with Rainbow Logovia Twitter
This is just a mini-post to say kudos to the Huffington Post for showing their support…View Post

Huffington Post Shows Their LGBT Support with Rainbow Logo

via Twitter

This is just a mini-post to say kudos to the Huffington Post for showing their support…

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Lauren Conrad’s Favorite Position

Sometimes going back a few years is worth it to find some great material, and such is the case with Lauren Conrad’s interview from 2012 with Sway Calloway on his radio show Sway in the Morning.

After talking about actually important things like her book,…

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Evan Rachel Wood Isn’t Watching the Olympics, Here’s Why

Actress and overall awesome person Evan Rachel Wood, denounced watching the Olympics as they stream live on television. She says by doing so it’s supporting the network and the sponsors, who are knowingly supporting the games while they are in a country…

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Coca-Cola Sticks to It’s Super Bowl Game Day Ad In Spite of #SpeakAmerican

In case you haven’t seen the new Coke commercial that has millions screaming #SpeakAmerican, here it is.


The backlash to this has been enormous, with many using the Speak American hashtag to…

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Selfies Let The World - and You - Know That You’re Beautiful

This campaign is perfect. While too much selfie taking and posting is a definite sign of narcissism, a certain amount of it is definitely an image booster. Watch and post your thoughts below.

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What if Guys and Girls Changed Roles at the Bar?

This video, called The Flip Side-Bar, takes every bar scene stereotype and flips it. Watch, and take note of your reactions, especially at times like 1:17 and and 2:30.

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Pregnant Texas Woman, Marlise Munoz, Taken Off Life Support

Marlise Munoz has finally been taken off of life support, as of 11:30 am Sunday. The hospital she was being held at, John Peter Smith Hospital in Forth Worth, Texas, did so in compliance with a court order that stated Munoz’s last wishes be granted.


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